Ever wanted to combine the data from multiple sheets in a Google Spreadsheet into one? No? Well, um, we did, so we built the fabulous (and creatively named) Merge Sheets Google Sheets add-on. Don't knock it till you try it! Check out the video below to see the Merge-inator in action.


For the non-video folk

  1. To install the plugin you have two options:
  • Get it directly from the chrome store here
  • From within a Spreadsheet, click the "Add-ons" menu item. Then, select "Get add-ons". Finally, search the chrome store for "Merge Sheets", scrolling till you find the MeanPug entry.
  1. After installing, be sure to grant the permissions required in the prompts. These basically just give us access to
    all your past, current, and future data. I joke! You're just granting us read/write access for the sheet's data
    (so we can write the merged data + read from the fragmented sheets).

  2. To use the plugin, simply click the "Add-ons" menu item, then hover over "Merge Sheets". Finally, click on "Start Merge". Important: Make sure you're in the sheet you plan to write the merged data into. The first thing the script does is erase all data currently in the active sheet, so be careful not to erase your source data!

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